Tangie's Ride

This program is dedicated to the memory of Tangela Harris.
In early November of 2015, New Era Detroit lost a sister, activist, warrior and visionary, Tangela Harris. Anyone who knew Tangela was aware she loved all people, unapologetically, and placed herself on the front line when fighting for justice and the progression of the black community. Our sister was adamant about connecting with people using public transportation based on the fact that many residents who utilize public transportation are living under poverty; however, these are the everyday people who can make a difference. She presented the idea to ride on the bus and communicate with residents of Detroit to educate, build relationships, and spread love and encouragement. On November 26, 2015 we honored her by holding our first Tangie’s Ride.

Tangie’s Ride is the heartbeat of NED’s charitable engagement in the city of Detroit. Bi-weekly, members of New Era Detroit and community volunteers prepare meals for residents of Detroit and deliver them unsuspectingly on city bus lines. This program is one of the many ways New Era Detroit answers the call for collective responsibility to protect the welfare of our sisters and brothers. Since November 2015, NED members and community donations have financed meals and supplies out-of-pocket, feeding over 1000 Detroit residents as of January 

Donations needed!
New Era Detroit is a community funded organization calling on community volunteers to support Tangie’s Ride by providing food items and/or monetary donations. The approximate cost for one Tangie’s Ride ranges from $200-400 dollars, depending on the menu and number of people fed in the community. It is our goal to connect with and feed ATLEAST 500 residents with each ride.
Please see the list below of items used for Tangie’s Ride:



Are you interested in donating today?

Please Contact: NED TR Lead, Queen Tee


(313) 466-4377