New Era Detroit's Streets Is Watching (SIW) program is a community patrol program emphasizing on the safety of the kids, women, and elderly of our communities. SIW runs weekly, Monday through Friday, for three shifts (7-10AM, 2-5PM, and 8-11PM) each day. Spearheaded by New Era ELITE, N.E.D. members and community volunteers will be walking around and driving through the regions SIW has under surveillance for a presence of security. The intent is to keep an eye out for any possible harm that may be caused to kids coming from or going to school and to watch the safety of our women and elderly out alone and unprotected.


Streets Is Watching was designed as a response to the unchecked rise in rape, molestation, and abduction of the women and children of our communities. We believe that over a short amount of time the crime rate will begin to drop in each of the communities we are patrolling.The implementation will eventually provide an extra layer of safety and security to the roughly 46 zip codes that make up the city of Detroit.  New Era Detroit is seeking to hire women and men to patrol our streets and build positive relationships with the residents of the neighborhoods they are assigned.

We will create “safe zones” and “safe routes” to ensure their safety during the day.  As a community, we create our own change within our neighborhoods. We cannot wait on the steam of people and officials who don't live in our communities to help us stop this senseless violence against our babies and women.  The police cannot be everywhere at once, so we are taking the initiative and asking the community to join us in patrolling.


To volunteer or for more info, contact:

New Era Elite

(313) 466-4377

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