Mission: The purpose of #RiotTalks is to educate people on the history of activism in the city of Detroit and create healthy dialogue on social conditions and issues that are going on today. These will not only educate people on common issues, but will serve as a place for people to express their viewpoints and come up with solutions. At no point in time are these discussions meant to incite riots or other forms of civil unrest.


Program Overview: #RiotTalks are to serve both as panel and online discussions that educate the audience, get people discussing current issues, and encourage them to become active in their communities. In addition to current events, people will be educated on the history of the 1943 and 1967 Detroit Race riots, creating connections between the past and current issues in the city of Detroit. Furthermore, #RiotTalks will address and educate the audience on issues minorities across the nation face, such as gentrification, economic violence, LGBT politics in regards to activism in the black community, and the generational gap between the activists of today and those who were prominent during the Civil Rights Movement.

With the use of the hashtag "#RiotTalks," #RiotTalks are to serve as online discussions on popular social media sites, such as Instagram and Twitter. The purpose of these online discussions is to maintain an active online community that is focused on issues African Americans across the nation face. Conversations of this sort are becoming powerful tools in today's culture, being described by scholars as places for protest as well as ideological and political intervention. As hosts of such a discussion, New Era Detroit is creating a space for young adults to learn, grow, and create a range of sociopolitical changes.

#RiotTalks Topics File Download: RiotTalksTopics.pdf