Hood 2 Hood

The purpose of Hood To Hood is to continue to tear down the walls that separate us within the Black community by getting involved and engaging with different neighborhoods throughout the city each & every Saturday of the summer while spreading awareness and sharing resources with the people that are often left out of public view. This will also help gain and maintain trust in the city with the people that matter most.

The Hood To Hood community engagement program is a program that is designed to do exactly as it says – engage the community! With factual Black statistical literature in hand, N.E.D. members and volunteers go door-to-door, canvassing neighborhoods within the city of Detroit. By engaging with the people, it makes it easier to hear concerns and issues directly from those who live in the community. By listening, N.E.D. is able to address, then handle these issues; further proving that collectively WE as a people do in fact have love and support amongst each other.

UNITY in our communities is extremely important. One of the most effective ways that N.E.D. makes this, as well as their presence, known in the city of Detroit is with this Hood To Hood program. If you want to get involved this year and do something to improve our communities, JOIN New Era Detroit in this effective way to Unify!