Flint Accountability

The People of FLINT Tell the REAL!

For the people in the back that think that everything is all good in #Flint But please carry on and talk about all the other worldly distractions. Nothing going on here but our Brotha’s and Sista’s being poisoned by water. Smh #NewEraDetroit #NewEraNation #NewEraWorld      🌍

Flint Water Drive (2018) Water distribution Sat. May. 26th 2018

UNITY was displayed as people dropped off cases of water for our people in #Flint!! We linked up with our family @t.h.i.n.k_da_hood_game_changa at @chitas_nefertiti’s and made it happen 💪🏾💯💪🏾 It’s time to get back out here‼The government has once again said fuck the people of #Flint So we got to get back out here and do what we got to do! . . ‼THIS SATURDAY, MAY 26TH‼We will be going out to Flint To drop Of Water Door To Door! We will be meeting up at Meijer 8mile/Woodward May 26th at 10am‼and pushing up to flint to put some work in! Click the link in our bio to donate monetarily👆🏾or donate to our cashapp, cashtag: $NewEraDetroit. WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING TOGETHER FOR OUR FAMILY IN FLINT! #WeAllWeGot #NewEraDetroit #NewEraNation #NewEraWorld 🌍


New Era Detroit Delivers Water Bottles to Flint Residents (Flint water crisis)

If you would like to volunteer or donate water, baby wipes, or water filters to FLINT meet us at Triumph Church Flint Campus 1657 Broadway Blvd Flint MI 48506-3578 United States (At 10AM) For monetary donations visit www.neweradetroit.org and hit the donate button or click on the link in our bio (Please put what your donation is for in the Memo) OUR PEOPLE ARE IN DIRE NEED! ‪#NewEraDetroit#PleaseShare


New Era Detroit President “Zeek” Speaks In Flint

  New Era Detroit Giving BLACK To The Community on Black Friday In Flint MI

NED Upcoming Flint Trip!

Our Flint Family still needs us. We can’t depend on media to correctly report OUR pain and suffering.. The Flint water scandal hasn’t been on the news lately like it used to be. And just because it hasn’t, doesn’t mean that the issues are not still there… because they are. #NewEraDetroit continues to be in contact and continues discussing solutions and the needs of the people WITH the people. Join us very soon as we link up with our Flint Family. Date tba!! You don’t want to miss it #AllPowertothePeople#NewEraNation#FlintWaterCrisis#WeAllWeGot#BlackPower🎧 Music: Flint Water by NOLAJ 🕪

NED Cash Mobs in Flint! (June 2016)

NED President Zeek in Flint MI with Dion owner of Dion’s Party Store. Tune in!

New Era Detroit 2 Flint (1/30/16)

For over a month, New Era Detroit has collaborated with the likes of family in KC, Miami, Memphis and Philly — to put in work in helping to provide our people with clean water out in Flint, Michigan! New Era Detroit creates bonds with the people of Flint and passes out water in the process. Seen here this footage shows a day’s worth of effort done on January 30th, 2016. Our people are in dire need!!! Instagram: @neweradetroit Facebook: New Era Detroit Twitter: @neweradetroit Website: www.neweradetroit.org


Flint Water Drive

#NewEraDetroit would like to send another special thanks to Rasheed Wallace​, our New Era Birmingham​ chapter, Dion Savage​, DC, Sino, the family from Philly & NC: Together we made another push to help out our Brotha’s & Sista’s in #Flint Understand what is going on in Flint is not a game and although the media is not talking about the bad water in Flint it is still a BIG ISSUE because the problem is NOT fixed. So while most of you are celebrating this country on the 4th of July just remember what this country really thinks of you and people like you #WakeUpOrDieSleep. It Dont Stop.. not now.. not ever.. #FlintWaterCrisis #FlintWater #AllPowertothePeople


New Era Detroit (Give Back to Flint) Mannequin Challenge

New Era Detroit “Giving BLACK To The Community” in Flint Mannequin Challenge