BuyBlack TourA group of people that choose a specific date and time, then proceed to patronize a business by flooding the business with their dollars at that instance

A dollar remains and circulates in Asian communities for a month. That same dollar stays in Jewish communities for 20 days; in white communities, 17 days. A dollar in Black communities stays for 6 hours! The reason other races' and ethnicities' communities look the way they do and ours don't is because they spend with their own, AND WE SPEND WITH THEM TOO!

In this economic revolution, it is essential Blacks manage their money and spend it where it counts. Black businesses are NUMBER 1 in Black employment, but LAST in Black patronage. Being the business is Black-owned, the business and its owner will tend to care for and give back to the Black community. The money the Black business receives will go to the Black owner and its Black employees. The money they receive will go to their Black families. The money the families receive will then, hopefully, go to another Black business AND THE CYCLE REPEATS.

New Era Detroit's Buy Black Tour is to bring awareness, money, accountability, and support to Black businesses...and our Black communities. We hold cash mobs every Sunday for Black businesses in the Metro Detroit area. This presents unknown Black businesses (relatively close) to the customers as an alternative to driving out of their communities and giving up that Black dollar.

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