A Youth Leadership, Education, & Empowerment
Service Learning Project

In an effort to bring about a new generation of motivated, educated, and disciplined young adults, New Era Detroit presents Black To Reality, a youth engagement program focusing on building future community leaders. This program is imperative for building success in our urban communities by teaching knowledge of self at a young age and by showing it takes a village to raise a child.

There will be various workshops and programs offered to envelop the child in many aspects of life for a healthy and well-rounded mind state. These programs will give the child experience and first-hand knowledge on basic necessities of life. All workshops will be instructed by individuals with backgrounds in the given workshop's topic. These instructors will be either N.E.D. members or experienced individuals from outside of the organization, all of which have gone through a background clearance and interview process. Commencement and Location TBA! We are working hard on getting this imperative workshop program off the ground. If you have any locations for use or donations, please feel free to contact us!

Along with a stationary location for workshops and programs, N.E.D. conducts School Tours, where we visit a school and provide short lectures and interactive activities for students to learn knowledge of self and get a glimpse of our programs. Our activities include, but not limited to, addressing the needs of the Black community, teaching fundamental principles, embedding a sense of self-respect, etc.  We welcome any invitations to a classroom or an auditorium to speak with our young kings and queens. If you would like to see N.E.D. in your school, it's as simple as giving us a call and scheduling an appointment! Contact us via or (313)-466-4377

"We are all Leaders of the Future.

Time to grow as One, Let's Get Back to Reality!"