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NED Membership Application

Thank you for supporting the New Era Detroit movement and taking the next step to join us! We look forward to having you in the family and getting busy & active bettering our people together. Attached you will find the N.E.D. membership application that you requested.

Once we have your application approved and your one-time, non refundable $50 enrollment fee is paid, you will be scheduled for your membership interview. This will be a panel interview in front of 2-4 executive board members lasting 30-60 minutes. After the board has reviewed your application and interview and signed off on your acceptance to the family, you will be given information on attending the next New Member Pledge Ceremony where you will take an oath of allegiance and at that time you will receive your NED t shirt and all of your other new member materials. There is a 60 day probationary period for all inductees during which involvement, relationship and effectiveness will be evaluated. Before the probationary period ends, a full background check will be required. After this is complete and the probation has ended without cause for termination, members will receive their official membership ID cards and be official members of the New Era Detroit Family!

Please fill out ALL of the applicable information as well as the written portion on page 2 (WHICH SHOULD TAKE UP THE ENTIRE SHEET!) It can be saved to your computer and typed, or handwritten. If completing by hand, please be sure to make your writing is legible!

To turn in your completed application:

1.) Physically give it to an N.E.D. board member at our next meet up
2.) Email it to

Once again, thank you for stepping up and into a proactive position alongside New Era to take back our streets! We will be the change we need in our hoods, one at a time, until WE ARE ONE!

Asé! Peace and Prosperity,
The New Era Detroit Family