New Era Detroit – Gas Station Shut Down (11-21-15)

 New Era Detroit received a call from a family that a worker at a Mobil gas station on 8 Mile & Southfield pulled a gun on their son. The family contacted the police…. they did nothing. The family contacted the media… they did nothing. New Era Detroit showed up and took ACTION. Here is the exclusive footage from that particular evening. We must hold ourselves accountable for taking care of our people, our children and our neighborhoods. UNITY + LOVE will take us everywhere! BLACK LOVE, PRIDE & UNITY!

New Era Detroit – Justice for Kevin Matthews (12/25/15)

On “Christmas Day,” New Era Detroit held a demonstration for the slaying of unarmed Kevin Matthews ; a man who was murdered by an off duty Dearborn police officer WITHIN the city of Detroit. A beautiful amount of both Black men and women came together in solidarity to show the city of Dearborn that DETROIT will NOT sit by and LET things happen. ACTION was taken, and will continue to. The message is that we will continue to disrupt your city until JUSTICE is served. It’s your choice… Intro spokenword done by: Jarreau Negash (


New Era Detroit 2 Flint (1/30/16)

For over a month, New Era Detroit has collaborated with the likes of family in KC, Miami, Memphis and Philly — to put in work in helping to provide our people with clean water out in Flint, Michigan! New Era Detroit creates bonds with the people of Flint and passes out water in the process. Seen here this footage shows a day’s worth of effort done on January 30th, 2016. Our people are in dire need!!!


NED : Greenfield Plaza shut down! (April 2016)

New Era Detroit holds a demonstration at Greenfield Plaza due to the owner continuous disrespect towards the black business owners & their customers within his building. We have received numerous complaints from business owners stating the owner loosely calls people Niggas, has allegedly slapping up black women, has allegedly expected sexual favors from black women that are behind on their rent, and the list goes on and on! 90% of the businesses within the plaza are black owned and because of this many of our people may feel like we are going against them, however we must see the bigger picture family! New Era Detroit’s Real Estate Relations team has reached out to all of the black owned businesses within the plaza to offer alternatives. Many of them have expressed content with their place within the building & although we cannot force our people to move, we will continue to offer alternatives in hopes that they will see the bigger picture. You do not have to voluntarily fatten the pockets of those that unapologetically disrespect you & your race. If you choose to do so, so be it but we will not allow our people to continue to disrespected especially not one of ours! Black power starts with UNITY and the control your dollar! DO NOT FUND RACISM & OPPRESSION. ‪


New Era Detroit – Church Accountability (Sept 17, 2016)

#NewEraDetroit is in NO WAY shape or form attacking anyone’s BELIEF system. We are simply holding churches accountable that are not doing what needs to be done within OUR communities. There is A LOT that needs to be done in unification in order to better the blighted neighborhoods that surround churches that are asking for $1000+ in “gift offerings”. This is unacceptable! The way the congregation approached us (with VIOLENCE) was very hypocritical on their part. This was not the way to handle things. We did not come into the church for physical altercation – but this is what happened. New Era Detroit will not stop holding shady churches accountable for their negative actions until their love for the community is implicated through their WORK for the people. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! #ItDontStop #AllPowertothePeople #NewEraNation


New Era Detroit denied access into Mayor Mike Duggan”s “Private” State Of The City Address

New Era Detroit denied access into Mayor Mike Duggan”s “Private” State Of The City Address. Mike Duggan has always been fairly successful at controlling who gets into his City Addresses but this is the first year that any Mayor has blatantly referred to the State Of The City Address as “Invitation Only” sending a clear message to the community they they are NOT INVITED and that this is NOT about them but about him and politics as usual. If the people elect Mike Duggan back into office the gentrification process will be completed in the next 4 years and blacks in the city of Detroit can kiss the city that so many of us called home for just about a century goodbye #WakeUp #VoteOrGentrify #NewEraDetroit

New Era Detroit Fight Back Against School Closings

New Era Detroit Holds A Press Conference And Claps Back At The State Of Michigan For Attempting To Close More Schools In Detroit!

One of our prominent members was charged with TWO counts of felony assault on TWO police offices for THIS event on Aug 6th. Now either we have mastered the art of “imaginary assault” or the call is out to try and put whatever charges on us possible to agitate and unarm us. If you know New Era Detroit then you must know we are not going down without a fight. We want to let our people and the community know at this point your support is needed more than ever! We know that some people may not always agree with NED and some of the things we do but if you understand our PURPOSE and that we put our lives on the line daily for the betterment of our people NOW would be the time for you to show up and support us as we fight against the powers that be! The only way that we lose this time around is if WE DO NOT STAND TOGETHER AND ALLOW THEM TO DO WHAT THEY CHOOSE #WeAllWeGot The people that want us gone are the the people that DON’T WANT FOR US! Black or White. We will NEVER back down because we know that our people & our youth are depending on us! We would like to thank you in advance Peace & Love #NewEraDetroit #AllPowerToThePeople

New Era Detroit – Thanksgiving with the Family (11/23/17)

New Era Detroit was contacted by a Family who celebrates the Thanksgiving Holidays. Times had been a little hard for them, so they hadn’t been able to have the type of Family gathering that they would have liked to. They reached out to a number of people, including celebrities and did not receive a response. Though many of us do not participate in “American” holidays, as an organization we understand that a lot of our people do. Therefore we got together and decided that we would spend the day before Thanksgiving kickin’ it with the Family, cooking up some food, building and having a good time. The love and unity seen here was an amazing exchange of energy and we wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. Peace, Love & Black Power to all of you. #NewEraDetroit#AllPowertothePeople#BlackLove#BlackUnity#BlackPower

New Era Detroit -2nd Annual Black Friday Giving BLACK to the Community (11/24/17)

New Era Detroit 2nd Annual #BlackFriday Give Black To The Community Event. We Hit The Community With Nothing But Love Respect & Black Power✊🏾 Black Friday has traditionally been a day where we as people get out and spend a great portion of our black dollars to Big companies and corporations. We have started our own tradition as we plan for a second year in taking a negative and turning it into a positive as we Give BLACK To The Community! Last year we kicked it off in #Flint as we filled up trucks and U-hauls with waters, shoes, toys, and food to bring it straight to the door steps of Flint residents. This year we had the honor of building on the #Eastside for a day they will never 4get. Special thanks to Trimph Church & Pastor Kinloch for their contribution in helping us make this happen! Everything we do we do it for our people THE REAL DETROIT #ItDontStop#NewEraDetroit#NewEraNation#NewEraWorld🌍