New Era Detroit

New Era Detroit is bringing back BLACK love and unity one man, one woman, one child, one community at a time! Our work is focused on planting a new mindset of accountability within our communities as well as preparing our people to positively contribute to the growth and development of our neighborhoods. Our established programs demonstrate key concepts in action that support our goals- community engagement is the foundation. We build community relationships that develop organic bonds which lead to trust and understanding with our people. We work towards economic empowerment by helping our people achieve home and business ownership while supporting Black owned businesses to unify our own economic base. Our youth programs work to challenge young minds and create a new generation of young Black professionals. NED does NOT promote hate towards any other race; we focus instead on the love of our own FIRST, implementing accountability, action and consistency across the country. NEW ERA DETROIT, WE ARE WHO WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!


"We are the Movement!"