New Era Detroit

New Era Detroit (NED) is an organization formed to bring back Black unity within growing Black communities. Our focus is empowering and encouraging Black residents in the city of Detroit and around the world to buy, build, invest & get involved in the communities that they live in. The city of Detroit has a population of under 700,000 residents, 82.7% of which are Black yet our communities are overran by businesses that are not owned by the people living in these communities or in most cases business owners who are not even residents of the city of Detroit & contribute little to nothing to the neighborhoods in which their businesses thrive in.  

With NED our focus is clear, investing in the communities that we already live in by unifying, becoming conscious of our environment, building an environment that actually benefits the people living in it (building and supporting Black owned business, opening Black schools with our own curriculum, opening Black banks, funding our own political parties so that we are able to elect real leadership that represents the majority, taking back our liquor stores and gas stations, helping and supporting the people in our community that need help, and overall becoming independently responsible for ourselves).

The city of Detroit is going through a rebuilding stage & this is the perfect city for Black people all over the world to invest in, property values here are some of the lowest in the country right now! This city was made for 2 million people with under 700,000 occupying it. Do the math: that's roughly 1.3 million unoccupied houses, businesses, schools, etc. that are waiting to be reclaimed. We understand that this is an opportunity that we must take advantage of and that's what we plan to do. With the help of like-minded people working together and building as one we will succeed! "One man, One woman, One child, One Community at a time until we are One UNITED Race!"


"We are the Movement!"