With a $1.3 trillion buying power, Black people are the leading consumers compared to every other race. In a country built on capitalism, where "MONEY IS POWER," one would think that Blacks in America would control everything with that amount of money, but we DON'T! In fact, Blacks are last in EVERY racial disparity, except consuming.

In this NEW ERA, this generation is open to the most resources ever available in HISTORY. There is also a never before seen amount of Black millionaires. Meaning, the Blacks living today are the most informed, most equipped, most experienced, and most qualified to rid those disparities and better our people's lives.

NEW ERA DETROIT (NED) and its chapters plan on using those RESOURCES, that MONEY, and that POWER to take back our communities and start up a SOLELY BLACK-OWNED COMMUNITY. We're aiming to create Black owned and operated schools, banks, grocery stores, hospitals, law offices, recreation centers, and more!

A community is not one without U-N-I-T-Y. NED and its chapters are committed to uniting our race with tactics never before used. We are dedicated to eliminating the separation between the Black older and younger generations, Black-owned businesses and Black consumers, and Blacks of different religious groups.

Once we, AS A PEOPLE, accomplish becoming a COMMUNITY, Blacks in America will have the POWER our ancestors had in Ancient Africa.